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From On Closet Nine to yours ft. Mcouture


Weather forecast aside, Spring is on the horizon and alas my annual spring closet purging shall start! I don’t know about you but I have a hard time letting go of things in my closet ( even things I haven’t worn in years) because a lot of my clothes, bags and shoes have sentimental value to me. However, I was recently introduced to Mcouture, a Canadian luxury consignment website and it has made me it so much easier for me to part ways with some of my designer items I don’t reach out for anymore.

 First of all, I love how easy it is to sell items on the site! All you have to do is create your listing, add pictures ( I find that a minimum of 2 pictures helps!) and set your price. The listing then gets validated by the team of experts and uploaded onto the site! So easy!

 With a simple Google search, you are bound to find plenty of online US consignment stores but MCouture is 100% Canadian, which means no additional fees charged to you because of USD conversion! And if you’re American, you would actually be saving some bucks shopping because the lower Canadian dollar power. 

 My favourite part of MCouture is the stress it takes out of selling your preloved designer goods. Your commission is shown upfront after uploading your item and then MCouture takes it from there.

So what am I listing on Mcouture? 

 You can find my gorgeous vintage Gucci purse for sale here. It's a saddle bag style with a fold over top and belt style strap. It is made of "G" print brown suede in light and dark brown, with a gold and silver tone double "GG" logo on the front closure. 

 This bag is special because it was gifted to me as a birthday gift some 15 years ago! As much as I love it, I made the mistake of buying multiple Gucci handbags since and unfortunately I just don’t reach for this one as much anymore. If my bag is not what you are looking for , here is just a sample of the amazing handbags they have at Mcouture.com. They also have pre-loved goods from brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Prada and more.  

 Thanks to Mcouture for partnering with me on this post!

Coffee Talk: Ghosting in a not-so-pink milennial Dating world

I never thought I would find myself sitting down to write about my dating life or lack thereof. But I did promise to be more raw and personal on the blog this year so here goes nothing.

After getting over the heartbreak from my first and only long term relationship , my friends told me I had to jump on the Bumble bandwagon. They said it’s the “better Tinder”, the place where women “lead by talking first “.  I was one intrigued bumble bee so naturally I had to check it out. In about 4.5 minutes, I was able to download the app, connect my Facebook account, upload five of my most liked photos on instagram and get a couple left and right swipes. I gotta admit, the swiping was SO fun at first. I started to wonder why people even went to cafes or benches to people watch when you could do that in the comfort of your bed.  At 11pm. With a face mask on. I have to say that my clay mask would feel a little dry every time I would cringe when I stumbled upon a profile of someone I knew in real life but the discomfort wasn't bad enough for me to ghost on the app. When I was reaaally bored, I would change my settings to " interested in women" just to see what I competing with. Pro tip: do not do that, I have come to realize that they only show you the girls interested in girls. Duh. Anyway, I was one loyal bumble bee. I was also a rather picky one- I had made a silly policy where I would ONLY allow myself to initiate conversations with men who extended their time on me. If you have no idea what I’m talking about: men on Bumble can’t talk first so if a women does not message them by 24 hours, the match disappears. Unless, of course, they extend the time by 24 hours. Only 1 in 5 men would extend the time on me but I lived for those who did. 

I believe it was a Tuesday night ( as Taylor Swift would write in a song) when Cram ( not his real name) caught my finger mid left swipe. I accidentally left swiped but shook my phone so hard so I can get a backtrack swipe. His profile popped back up again and it was who I thought it was. See, I had actually met this guy a few weeks prior in a café line- we talked about croissants or donuts and I had sworn that he was too coward to make a move . Is Bumble giving us another chance, I thought ?! I  swiped right and BAM! it was a match. I knew he couldn’t talk first on the app but I also hoped that he would be smart enough to use the time extension on me. He wasn’t that smart so I didn’t initiate convo and the match disappeared 24 hours later. Fast forward three days..guess who I find in the same café ? Yup, same ol' Cram. We awkwardly joke about how we matched and he finally asks me out. 

For the first time in a long time, I was excited about a date! Mostly because this was someone who I could actually say " I met in a cafe on a Wednesday". Bumble was merely a catalyst you know? Anyway, the date never happened. He vanished into thin air leaving me scratching my head at what I could have possibly done to scare him away. No one can be that rude I thought- I was almost certain that something horrible happened to the bloke. Heck, I almost checked obituaries because only death itself could be a suitable excuse for him falling off the face of the earth.
Turns out, he is alive- just a ghoster. If you don’t know what that means then chances are that you have been very lucky in your love life OR living under a rock for the best few years. In which case, can you check to see if he is there too?  I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel rejected for a day..or three. Ghosting sucks and I wish indifferent cowards who do it know that... but they don’t. What I do know is that you have to make peace with the fact that you may never know why that person disappeared. Maybe they were going through something in their lives that caused them to isolate themselves or maybe another friend or relationship became a priority. Heck, maybe they’re just a very shitty human being. Or all of the above or none of the above. The point is ..you’ll likely never know ! So you have two options: beat your head repeatedly into a wall trying to figure out the un-figure-out-able or you can simply move on with your life. 

If someone ghosts you and is still Facebook friends with you or watches your social stories, please do not try to prove your worth to them. I have been guilty of this in the past but it leads nowhere.If a person is not interested, he/ she is not interested. Period. Nothing you can do will change that and if you have to prove your value to someone , they are not right for you. Trust me the right person will know your value and will cherish and respect that about you.

Sadly, our generation has been fooled into believing that perfection is attainable. Is it on instagram? #Maybe. Real life though? Nah, not attainable. Never has been, never will be, and, yet we are all looking for that perfect individual. No matter how unrealistic our expectations are, the disappointment we feel when they aren't achieved is very real. Ghosting will only become a norm with every new app making easier to access the " plenty of fish in the sea". With more options, we tend to put more pressure on ourselves to make the perfect choice. Even when we choose well , we end up disappointed because we are convinced that we can do better. I'll end this coffee talk on a positive note: Karma never ghosts. Not even you, Cram.

 Until next time!

A Weekend Guide To Montreal

One of my few resolutions for 2018 is to nap less blog more about travel and lifestyle and I’m feeling proud of myself to finally get this travel guide up! I chose Montreal as the first city for this series because it holds a special place in my heart. I have visited Montreal over 20 times over the last few years and so I’ve been able to experience it in little snippets. I’ve always loved this city because it’s a unique fusion of modern North America and charming, traditional Europe..


Montréal is an awesome city for walking ( granted you don't visit it in the cold, winter months) . You can conquer a lot by foot, and so you’ll really only need transportation if you’re planning to hop from neighborhood to neighborhood. Driving is tricky in Montreal and Montrealers are stereotyped for being bad drivers. French is the first language here so all streets signs are in French . Parking can get expensive so unless you absolutely need a car, it is better to opt for public transport. I uber in almost every city I visit and find that the drivers are extra friendly in Montreal!

I love Hôtel William Gray because it offers a contrast of history and modernity in a eight-floor glass tower that sits atop two historic buildings. To me, that's a summary of how Montreal is- a perfect mix of old & new.

Hotel William Gray: I have been staying at Hotel William Gray since it opened in late 2016 so I can't really recommend another hotel at this time.I usually go to Montreal for work and this usually involves having to experience the busy downtown life so this hotel is a perfect retreat after a long work day. It's in Old Montreal and only a 5 min uber ride to the business district.

The rooms are very bright making it very easy to photograph! I love that the rooms have   floor to ceiling windows showing off the beauty of Old Montreal. The hotel's iconic mustard lounge chair has been featured in every room I've stayed at so if you love it as much as I do, chances are it would come with your room too! The rooms also come with exposed concrete ceilings, the comfiest bed and views for days! The Nespresso machine, multi jet shower and Bang & Olufsen speakers are some great extra touches.
Did I mention that the hotel lobby is absolute #design goals?! I can stare at that marble staircase all day. The lighting is prettier in person.

This is the view from my 7th floor room but similar views at Terrasse William Gray
Terrasse William Gray:  Whether you choose to stay at the hotel or not, a happy hour visit here during the summertime is a must! This rooftop terrace has stunning panoramic views of Montreal. The menu is very seafood-centric menu and the drinks are top notch.

Breakfast at Maggie Oakes- the best salmon benedict!
Maggie Oakes: This is one of my favorite breakfast spots in Old Montreal. Even though the area is filled with old historical building, Maggie Oakes offers a modern approach to design. If you visit Montreal in the summertime, sitting on this patio is a great way to people watch while enoying quality food!
The best bagels in town at St-Viateur

St-Viateur: Montreal has some of the best bagels in the world-they are boiled in honey-infused water before they are baked, making them much sweeter than their NYC counterparts. St-Viateur is very popular among the locals. 

La Banquise: Poutine is a no-brainer in Montreal, and probably on everybody’s list of things to try. It doesn’t look very appetizing( probably why I never photograph it #forthegram) but trust me – once you’ve had your first bite at La Banquise, you’ll never want to have fries any other way. I should mention that they have over 30 varieties of poutines here. There's even a vegan option!
You can't go wrong with the $9 avocado toast from TOMMY Cafe

TOMMY Cafe : I recently discovered this very popular cafe and have been in love ever since. You must try their avocado toasts, palmiers and chai lattes. Actually, try everthing! You can't go wrong here.  
I love the Asian salad from Mandy's
Mandy's Salads: You know that feeling when a restaurant/cafe is instagram worthy but the food is mediocre or overpriced? Well you don't have to worry about that here because you will get a great food photo, love the food and not break the bank! Definitely recommend this spot for lunch or a light dinner.

Take a stroll down the Old Port of Montreal:

My favorite part of Montreal- the historic port of Montreal stretches for over two kilometers along the St-Lawrence River. Much more lively during the warmer months but beautiful all year long. It is the perfect place for dining and shopping.

Visit Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal:
The Notre-Dame Basilica is one of the finest of its kind, with one of the most ornate gothic facades in the world, and a strikingly beautiful chapel at the back. That’s where you’ll find the impressive organ everyone talks about.
Also, that’s where Céline Dion got married.

Check out the art scene in Le Plateau:

Known as Montreal’s hipster neighborhood, Le Plateau is full of quirky treasures. Wander the countless independent galleries and take in all the youthful energy of this dynamic community.

 Shop the Mile End:

Think of the Mile End as Montreal’s Soho; this is where the fashion is at. There are plenty of boutiques in the area to keep shoppers busy for an entire day, but if you only have time for a handful, here are my recommendations:
  • Boucle & Papier (stationery)
  • Frank & Oak (menswear)
  • Vestibule (womenswear and home decor)
  • Unicorn (womenswear)
  • Annex Vintage (womenswear)
I will be visiting Montreal again next week so I will try to visit more places and add to this guide! Please let me know in the comments below if you enjoyed this guide and would like to see the same done for other cities I will visit this year! Till next time xx

Red-dy To Stripe + $250 Dynamite Card Giveaway

Red fitted tank top, striped blazer - a classic look for me. You might not know this about me but I've always gravitated towards stripes in clothing. I must have caught it from my mom whose closet is 80% striped tops and sweaters! It is as I'm typing this, that I realize I have yet to own a striped blazer till this one made an appearance in my " to-shoot" clothing rack a few weeks ago. I seldomly wear the same outfit several times just because I'm either lounging at home or shooting new looks but this one will definitely be a staple in my closet. I absolutely love the fit - I have fairly broad shoulders and this blazer makes them appear much more narrow. I also love the thickness of it- not too thick but not too thin either. Just perfect, if you ask me.

The blazer along with my tank top and high waisted jeans are all from Dynamite. You can enter to win a $250 Dynamite gift card giveaway below. Good luck!

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Gift Guide for The Travel-Savvy It Girl

Black Friday is upon us, and we have rounded up the best gift guides for those in your life (including yourself – duh) so stay tuned! This one is dedicated to all of our hardworking #bossbabes who travel up a storm. With everything from the chicest of comfy travel shoes to the cutest luggage of all time that is currently 50% off OMG, we have got you covered. Scroll below to see all of the goodies, and click to go directly to the site!

A couple standout favorites that must be noted – Hey’s Luggage. We don’t travel anywhere without our marble spinner set (we have the white and gray marble – pictured here is the black marble with gold accents). Seriously, well-made and CUTE luggage don’t usually go hand in hand but we couldn’t love ours more, and it’s on SALE! Get an extra 15% off when you use the code ‘HURRY’ and hurry you must because we anticipate these bad boys are gonna sell out fast.
Ghisou Honey-infused Hair Oil – we use it every.single.day. Use it on dry or wet hair before styling for shiny hair that smells like serious heaven. A little tiny bit goes a long way and it leaves your hands super soft, too.

Adidas Superstars: When traveling, it’s so important to be comfortable, but who doesn’t want to look cute, too? Athleisure is such a trend now (thank goodness) and the Superstar leads the way in terms of chic travel sneakers. They are neutral and cute and go with everything. And your feet will thank you!

Make sure to check out the  rest below filled with super cute passport book holders, luggage tag, lip-saving glosses, travel pillow (only $15 and a perfect stocking stuffer) and our favorite, the Kate Spade laptop sleeve.

Gift Guide For Him


Hi doll!

It feels so nice being able to write about interior decor on the blog ( one of my new years resolutions for 2017 was to amp the lifestyle element of the blog- mind you its November but better late than never?!) If you have been following us for a while, you know that I recently moved to a new place. Moving is hard and expensive and three months in, I'm finding myself still investing in some furniture pieces slowly but surely.   I have never had a gallery wall in the office but always wanted one since my days of  watching home makeover shows with my mum as a kid. Now, it's solo binge scrolling over hundreds of Pinterest home boards but the love is still very much there.   One thing that helps when you don't have a lot of furniture and life in your home are prints! Lots of prints. I'm so excited to show you a snippet of our office space ( full tour to come soon, promise).

Great value art prints are more accessible than ever thanks to the likes of Desenio, the online Scandinavian wall-art company. Desenio really is an amazing source for affordable and beautiful prints. What I especially love is that they always have discount codes and special offers on their website. Rather than opting for themes, I just picked what I really connected with. I love to add a bit of colour to my walls with florals and botanics as well as quotes and typography -  my love of nature led me to this print.

In case you are a quality snob, I'm happy to tell you that Desenio’s posters are printed on uncoated, thick paper with a matte, high-quality finish. I was super impressed with how fast shipping was to Canada too! All larger posters (with the exception of sizes 13x18cm and 21x30cm) are shipped in a tube mailer to ensure they arrive damage-free.  They go for $3.95-$93.95 and are available in sizes from 5x7" to 28"x39".

25% off discount code

 Are you up for something new as well? The code “onclosetnine” gives you 25% off posters and prints, except for 'frames' and 'handpicked' category, for 3 days between October 31-Nov 2 on desenio.com . Follow @desenio on Instagram for more inspiration! 



Feel free to tag me in your Desenio gallery walls on Instagram because I would LOVE to see what you create! This blog post is in collaboration with Desenio.