DIY Alexander McQueen Clutch

With warm weather comes the challenge of dressing light and fashionable. It makes life so much easier when you can step outside and not have a doubt in your mind about being cold and needing someplace to stuff your sweater and scarf!

To take your effortless summer style to the next level, add a statement clutch that doubles as some serious ring bling. The legendary Alexander McQueen inspired this fierce knuckle clutch, big enough to carry some cash, yourlipstick and a pair of sunglasses! 

I picked up all the supplies for under $20.00 (a steal compared to McQueen's version, priced over a grand). Try this DIY and you'll see how easy (and easy on the wallet!) it is to look chic and effortless. 

What you'll need 

- Pick up a cute sunglass case or use an old one you have laying around 
- 2 pairs of double finger rings - (I got mine at Forever21)
- Heavy duty glue such as E-6000

Step 1 -Take your case and stand it up so it's facing you in the direction you want to open it.

Step 2 - Glue each ring down (We made ours bling side down, but it's your DIY so you choose!) They should almost be touching one another.

Step 3 - Hold down the rings for about 3 minutes or until they are dry enough to stand alone. Let dry for 24 hours.

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  1. OMG are you kidding? I just saw your shoe post and now this, how do you come up with these ideas? SOoo cool! I wish I was crafty, and I wish even more so that you lived close by so that you could teach me your ways. Move here already, yes? Love this <3