DIY: I shoe you how to make lovely loafers!

Loafers bring out my inner grandpa. I’m talking proper pipe, peppermint candies and quad cane. As soon as I slip them on, I need to resist the urge to wear a terry cloth robe and step outside to yell at kids, newspaper in hand. I like to think that my inner grandpa – though a bit hot-tempered maybe – is a very chic one. Especially now that he has The Row inspired loafers.

Warning: Do try this at home!

YOU WILL NEED: Loafers | Chalk | Scissors
STEP 1: Roughly outline the shape you want. I started a little past the middle and drew an arc to about an inch before the back of the shoe. Try it on when you’re done to make sure you like the look

STEP 2: When you’re happy with the result, cut along the line. Then, continue following the sole until you reach the back. Cut in the middle where there’s usually a seam. At this point half the cutting for one shoe is done.
STEP 3: Use the piece you cut as a template to trace the other side and cut.
STEP 4: Use the two templates to trace and cut the other shoe.
Annnd… you’re done! Their unique and very chic shape is perfect to edge up a summer dress. I’ll be wearing them with rolled up tailored pants and an oversized knit!



  1. First off, what camera and lens are you using because your photos are ON POINT. Secondly, HOW are you so freaking talented?! What a great idea babe! You amaze me, and you truly have an eye for photography and layouts and space. I'm constantly impressed by you, love! Keep it going. LOVE you!

    xox, Maya Beth

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