Head in the Books: Humans Of New York

Disclaimer:So you're probably thinking " huh a book review? I thought this blog with "closet" in the name is a fashion blog!" & you are right..for the most part. Even though I plan to mostly write about style & all that jazz, On Closet Nine is my outlet to share all things that make me have whimsical thoughts. Sometimes that can be a good pair of heels & sometimes it can be a good read! Plus, I do keep books in my closet ( well mostly the ones with the pretty covers..). 

Alright, time to get to the review!

I got a paper cut reading this book. Stick around till the end to read if it was worth it or not ( don't cheat & scroll down now you little sly fox! I didn't make it that easy to find). 

I must have been living under a rock because I did not find out about the Humans of New York blog/ Facebook/ book until very recently *insert monkey with eyes covered emoji* !I first stumbled on the Facebook page after it seemed like every one & their mama was sharing Brandon's ( the guy behind it all) pictures in my facebook feed. I loved the photographs but more so the commentary to the pictures.It adds so much extra depth to a picture. It tells a little snippet of someone's story and leaves us to imagine the rest!  

What Brandon does is a beautiful thing. He roams the street of New York with only a camera and a humble desire to catalogue, not the people, but the humans of the city. Humans with everything that entails, the good, the bad, the tragic, the hopeful. It's fascinating what a brief meeting, a photo and some conversation can unearth. 

A few days after I found out about the blog, I saw the book in a local bookstore & I kid you not I probably blinked three time max from the time I grabbed the copy on the back of the shelf ( you know, the one that no one had touched ) and headed to the cash register. I started reading on the bus home and was finished in 2ish days.

I LOVED this book. The blog is just as amazing and has so much more content but something about having the inspiration reach my home in paper form had me really happy. So what about that paper cut you ask? It was the result of  me scrolling through pages of beautiful photographs faster than I scroll through my Instagram feed. I was as fascinated by this kid as a kid in a candy store. I love all things eye candy and this gem of a book satisfied my eye candy craving.There are plenty of new portraits to feast your eyes upon as well as new thought-provoking comments from those same people! I recognized a lot of people I had seen before on the blog but who would complain about having them to be admired in paper form? Not all my favorites are there, so I only hope a sequel is made to feature more people we have come to admire from a simple photograph + short commentary about themselves.

Go grab it! It's a book you will want to pick up and read again every once in a while. It's one you will want to lend to friends ( just be careful they give it will be tempting to "forget" giving back this gem). It's definitely one I want to keep in my closet! You will probably get a paper cut too from scrolling fast in awe of all the beautiful photos and stories told but it will be oh so worth it! 

What are your thoughts on the book if you have read it? If not, do you like the blog? ( I'm assuming you are not living under that rock I was once living under). I would love to hear about other inspirational books you would like for me to read!



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