Two Coats Needed

Oh boy, just looking at these pictures from one of the coldest days this year gives me the shivers. I have a love/hate relationship with Canadian winters. My closet is stucked with coats and I love styling them with different scarfs and all of that shenanigans but it gets so cold here that I find myself wearing coats for 2-5 mins max as I rush to get somewhere indoors. Some days it gets so brutally cold that I wear two coats. Usually one is for looks and the other for pure survival.

The grey coat pictured above is one of my favorite purchases from this year. I've worn it so much because it is so versatile. I can dress it down as I run errands or dress it slightly up as I go out with friends for a skate. Just kidding, I never skate..even though I live in the city home to the world's largest man made canal. Ok moving on.

The blue and red coat is another favorite of mine. I bought it on a whim ( like 90% of my buys) from Forever 21. On the same day, I went all out with red and bought the red skirt, which also happens to be from Forever 21. So is the waldo-esque hat.

The red clutch is my absolute favorite though ( are you keeping count of how many times I'm saying favorite? Yea?! Woo you are now my favorite person. Drink up)

...and you are still here. Ok, red clutch! It was gifted to me by my style icon, my sister. The gold chain is from Aldo. I'm slghtly obsessed with "A" thanks to's my FAVORITE show.

Coats: Forever 21
Skirt: Forever 21
Boots: Call It Spring
Clutch : Gift from sis
Gold Key Chain: Aldo

Update: After posting this, I looked up some synonyms for "favorite". Here are some: 
  1. synonyms: best-loved, favored, dearest, most-liked, 
  2. I'm gonna stick with FAVORITE. 

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