Winter, the guest who overstays their visit.

 Hello there! Glad to see that you've stopped by again. My first week of blogging has been so exciting & I'm loving all the feedback ( mostly positive) from friends and family.  I want my readers to get to know me & so along with outfit posts and all that, I will also be sharing snippets of my life with you. Currently, I'm studying International Business in Ottawa, Canada. I love my program and the city but boy does it get cold here in the winter! It's March 5th today and the snow is up to cloud 9 but no one is feeling on cloud 9 about that.

Winter in Canada is that one guest who always overstays their visit. And it seems like they overstay more & more with every passing year. So much for global warming huh? What's worse is that us Canadians just have to deal with it. You see, Canadians are known for their good manners & cold winters..and now it all makes sense why. We are just too darn nice to tell winter to " get out!" eh?

 Don't get me wrong, I'm always excited for winter when it first comes knocking. You open the door & welcome it with warmth like an aunt haven't seen in a long time. Next, you start feeling all excited about the goodies they have in store for you.  Here are some of what I picture them bringing: turtle neck sweaters, hot chocolate, dark nail polish, snow days, marshmallows,onesies, frizz-free hair, christmas trees, homemade soup, fuzzy socks, candy canes, bulky clothes that hide winter weight gain from all the aforementioned foods...!! It's all jolly at first..until you've ate all the food, hardly fit in the bulky clothes even & could care less about having frizz-free hair 'cause it's so damn cold for you to flaunt it anyways! By March, I'm well past the " I love winter" stage  and well into the " winter is  dreary, depressing ,cold and miserable. I HATE WINTER" stage.

 How about you? Do you love winter still or are you ready to give it the boot like me? 

xo, Amira


  1. YOU ARE SUCH A BEAUTY!!! These photos are just gorgeous. I love it, I love you! And your blog looks absolutely beautiful babe, so proud of you!!!!

    xox, Maya Beth

    1. Aww babe!! Thanks so much! You're the first person to comment on a blog post! I LOVE YOU :)

  2. Samantha Whynot6 March 2015 at 15:58

    You are so pretty!! Love your blog!

    - Sam