#1 Mom Deserves a One in A Million Gem.

Hello May! I love this month; spring is in full bloom and every one is happy because as the saying goes.. April online shopping bring May mail/gifts to Mama? Oh and there's that other saying ( not that famous ) that says April showers bring May flowers. If you are reading this and just realizing Mother's Day is on the corner, don't panic just yet because I found a one in a million gift idea for that special mother,  grandmother, aunt, sister or wife  in your life.  Recently, Jewlr asked me to personalize a piece of jewelry of my own. I love supporting innovative Canadian brands, so,  of course, I said yes! After all, who wouldn't want to say " I designed it myself" when complimented on a ring.

I was able to select a band design from a huge selection of rings and then personalize my mom's ring from everything from the metal used, the stones and my favorite part of all - the engravement! I was even able to pick the font of the engravement and see how every change made would change the ring on the site. How cool is that? I know there are plenty of stores online where you can personalize rings by filling out custom forms but Jewlr has the wow factor in the site's user interface and the way they have incorporated technology in the design process.  

The ring got here a few days ago and my mom found out about her Mother's Day gift a bit ahead of time-  I made a mistake of asking for her ring size in a not so casual way.  She loves the ring and has been wearing it since. She even requested to model it when I told her I was going to feature in on the blog. Shipping was free and fast and the manufacturing part of the ring only took a few days. I say you are still in luck if you are looking for that perfect gift that cannot be regifted! Update: Mother's Day rings are up to 50% right now  :

All orders also come with a free gift. Mama got a dainty bracelet that goes really well with the ring.

Tips for picking out a gift on Jewlr: 

1. The design part of picking the gift is super fun but if you  are picky like me, the huge selections available to pick from on the site  so I highly recommend that you do it when you have plenty of time on your hands.

2. Resizing of rings is free so if you are unsure of the ring size of the giftee, do not make them suspect that you are purchasing a ring for them by asking for their size. Or you can get creative and ask for it indirectly..i.e talk about how your rings no longer fit and then casually engage the person in a " what size are you? " conversation. 

3.  All orders come packaged in an elegant, black packaging. If you live far away from the giftee, you can ( for an additional cost), have the box packaged in a gift box and gold ribbon!  

4. If you are reading this late and there is no way your order can get here in time for that special occasion, you can request a jewellery certificate. You can customize the certificate  and it would include the giftee's name and the image and description of the piece. All you have to do is print it to present to the person while they wait for the gift to come in the mail! 

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I received the products mentioned above for free without compensation. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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