Got a Banana? Got 2 Eggs? Read on.

I opened my fridge this morning and found some eggs and a few strawberries. That was all. I have been eating out a lot lately so I haven't done groceries in ages. Oops. So just as I was going to head out to fill my poor fridge's belly, I looked around and saw a perfectly ripe banana sitting in my fruit basket. It had this Joey Tribiani vibe to it like it were telling me "how you doin". So, of course, I picked it up - then & there I remembered this banana & egg ONLY pancake recipe I read a about in a lot of magazines.

Seriously.  No flour, nothing else.
I’ve seen this recipe floating around for years so I gave it a try- fully expecting to laugh in the epic failure it surely would be.  But something happened.  Don’t ask me how.  
Somehow when you mix bananas and eggs together and say some magic words, an unseen universe wizard comes and sprinkles pancake dust on it and it magically turns into this:

Try it out this weekend! You won't be disappointed. Now off to grocery shopping I go!

Xo, Amira


  1. Def giving it a try!

  2. Haha love this idea! Looks delicious!

  3. Really?? Will definitely try It..healthy ideas are always welcome. Thanks. Xo