Magazine Lovin'

As a tween and a young teenager I bought a new magazine every Sunday when my parents did grocery shopping. My magazine collection has not grown much since I've become an adult as I do most reading online. Nonethrless, I still love grabbing a magazine & a kit kat bar for a trip. So it was a pleasant opportunity when contacted me to ask if I'd like to work  and write some content for their blog.

I'd really like to get back into reading magazines again and finding a title that I love and want to commit to. offered me the chance of subscribing to three titles for the year. I went for three in completely different genres to mix it up a bit. 'Women's Health', 'Cosmopolitan' and 'Sew Magazine'. I'm completely new to Women's Health and Sew but I've been a reader of Cosmo on and off for years. I'm looking forward to making time to sit down and flick through real pages as a change from getting all my information online, from blogs or websites. 

 I hope to do a monthly round up of my favourite articles and/or features found in these three titles. Let me know what you'd like to see more of. I think a mix of fashion and beauty, healthy recipes and crafty tutorials describes this blog very well! So these magazine titles should fit right in!

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