Mascara Monday-Roller Lashes

Back when I was blogging at Vitamin Doll I used to do mascara reviews every Mondays. Recently a reader emailed me asking why I don't talk about mascarad much any more. It was the perfect excuse for me to justify a trip to Sephora to pick up some pretty Benefit mascara..and Co. One does not simply buy one Benefit product? Ah Im a sucker for their packaging. Ok enough pretty on to see if this lives up to its name and rolls your lashes! 

My first impressions of the new Roller Lash mascara - does it stand up to one of Benefit's top sellers, 'They're Real'?  To begin with I really like the wand, it's slightly curved and plastic - my favourite type of mascara wand. This goes on really easily - and lengthens the lashes almost immediately. You have to be a little careful of how much you apply, so one coat is enough for me! I didn't use an eyelash curler before using Roller Lash for the first time and I didn't really need to - the mascara did the work for me. I think combined with using a curling wand though you could really improve shape of your lashes. I'll have to see how this one holds up. I loved They're Real the first few times I used it and then found it to have gone quite dry in the tube so I'll see how Roller Lash is doing in a few weeks before I make my final verdict. 

Other Benefit goodies to try out include a sample size of their 'Puff Off' under eye gel and a jar of 'It's Potent!' eye cream. I'm always keen to grow my collection of Benefit products - the packaging is so pretty and so far I've not found a Benefit product that doesn't do what it says on the box!

Will you be trying this mascara? 

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