Personal: Random Facts About Me

1. I once went on a three day macaron diet. Surprisingly, I did not gain any weight. Best 3 days ever!


2. I memorize a song after 2 times max listening to it. I'm not talking about just the chorus.

3. I have a weird knack of remembering what I, and other people around me, were wearing on big days in my life.

4.I will write a book one day. I am still working on the concept but I know it’s something I’ll inevitably do.

5. My apartment smells like Anthropologie’s “Volcano” candle and I would like to request a lifetime supply for anyone who is reading this who has connections.

6. If I spot a cool pair of sunglasses, I don't blink twice & buy it. I never wear the cool ones though. They stay on hangers. Or on flatlay shaped hearts.


7. A Friday night staying in, ordering takeout & watching Dateline is my idea of the perfect date.

8. Growing up I would watch Mr.Bean before bed time every day. I found this coffee shop the other day...
 & now my year has been made!

9. I cannot leave my house in the morning before watching/reading the news.

10. I cannot prepare a peanut butter toast without making it look like a bear. 


11. Instead of saying "walking", you'll often hear me saying " using my 11". Get it? Your legs=11...

12. I was supposed to be born on my dad's birthday ( March 16 ) but showed up 5 days earlier. Growing up, I was so mad about it, I still celebrated my birthday with my dad on the 16th.

12. I organize my skittles/smarties/M&Ms by colors and always save the red ones for last.

13. I'm allergic to cats/dogs/grass/birch/maple/wood/anything outdoors according to my allergy test results.

14.  A psychic at a fair once told me I would marry someone with the name Marc. Too bad Marc Jacobs can't be the one.

15. I was chubby when I was little ; my nickname was nounoursa. Note to self: never use the " what was your childhood nickname?" question anymore for security purposes.

16. I'm obsessed with throw pillows. I know I know they serve no purpose and I waste so much time removing them every night & putting them back on in the AM but I love them. 


17. I have more guys friends than girl friends and not because of girl drama issues. I just genuinely enjoy hanging out with boys because I grew up around boys

18. My eyes change colors based on my mood. Right now they are a yellowish-green.

19.I see the time as 9:11 on an almost daily basis. Creepy? Yea no argument there.

20. Words I live by..


21. I don't have any tattoos but if I were to get one it would be a little bow on the back of my neck. So dainty right?

22.I can feel it when someone is thinking about me. 

23. I could eat a whole bag of grapes in one sitting. Love love 'em.

24. I hate zucchini. I refuse to eat it because I hate how it looks like.

25.Zucchini is the only thing I judge. I don't judge  people & expect the same. There's an exception to the rule: instagram feeds. I judge you hardcore on how your feed looks. I have OCD. 

26. My fridge is never empty. But I eat out a lot..oops.

27. "Dear No One" by Tori Kelly is my life anthem.

28. I keep photo albums and order photo prints on a regular basis because I hate it that all our photos are stored online. Also,  I have a tendency to break phones/laptops so..

29. I own over 200 nail polishes but wear about 4 max.

30. Buying a Chanel "Le Boy" bag is very high up on my bucket list. With things like skydiving and swimming with sharks.

31. I love Vita Coco.

32. I'm only 5"4 but I'm attracted to tall men.


33. I get hurt easily. Emotionally & phsyically speaking.

34. I'm left handed.

35. I'm a complete night owl - I usually do all my writings past 2am. And they said nothing good ever happens after that..pssh.

36. I think in Frenglish. That's French+English.

37. I want to be a nail polish namer when I grow up 'cause I think I'm witty. Wait,  did I grow up already? 

38. I'm very sarcastic.

39. When I'm sad, I do fashion sketches. It helps alleviate my mood.

40. I want to design my home one day & be the interior designer too. 

41. My biggest fear is losing my mom. 

42. Real Madrid & PSG are my favorite football clubs.

43. The sun instantly makes me happy and the rain instantly makes me down.

44.I'm an aunt and the " #1 aunt" as many of the shirts that I may or may not have bought for my niece and nephew say...

45. I'm tired. I ran out of facts. Are you even still reading? Yea?! I love you! 

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