Storage Tips for Jewelry

I've always had issues when it comes to storing my necklaces. With other jewellery items I have it covered, boxes and giant teacups work a treat for bracelets and rings but necklaces always seem to tangle together into one huge knot. I previously hung all my necklaces over a tailors dummy but in time these just became tangled and choosing one necklace to wear meant moving all the others first. My new storage system is a clear plastic lipstick holder that I came across for $15. The individual sections allow me to keep all my necklaces separate. The wider sections I use to hold my watches and there are two deep pockets at the back where I can keep my feather and cross necklace from Fashionology. It's a fantastic alternative. You can find similar containers herehere and here. But this one from TKMaxx is particularlly thick and strong and the plastic looks more like glass - meaning a classier looking item on your dressing table.

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