D-Eye-Y time!

They say eyes are the window to the soul; I couldn't agree more. I'm quite the sucker for eyes & they are the first thing I notice in people. So, of course..all the summer eye motif pieces got me feeling all lovestruck looking like an emoji with two heart eyes. I have a crush on all things covered in winks, blinks, wide-eye, and (my favorite) shut-eye.
Lately, I've been listening a lot to Maroon 5's " It Was Always You" and my favourite part of the lyrics has got to be the "hazel eyes, I was so colorblind" part. I've also seen an influx of eye motif accessories, especially at ALDO.
This trend started back in 2013 and it does not look like it is going out of sight anytime soon. I personally don't mind- I've already confessed my love for all things eyes- but it's putting a dent on my wallet! I swear that ALDO has collabed with Maroon 5 or something because that bloody song is always on since they brought their new "eye bag" collection. Either that, or I'm at ALDO far too much for my own good. Seriously though, this sequin eye bag I picked up the other day even has hazel eyes! Coincidence? I think not! 
I decided to try my own DIY eye bag in hopes of adding to my growing collection but without having to check my bank account with eyes wide opened shocked look. 
All you need is a cheap clutch ( I got mine at good ol' Forever 21). You will aso need some white acrylic paint, a thin brush and a black sharpie. 

Step1: Start by drawing the eye shape on the clutch using a black Sharpie (Note: Don't worry about making mistakes at this stage — you'll be covering over the marker soon).

Step 2: Using small, even brushstrokes, start painting in the whites of the eye with your acrylic paint.

Step 3:  Give the clutch a second coat of paint.

Once your design is completely dry, clean up any smudges with your Sharpie...

What do you guys think? Is this trend too bold? Or are you ready to add some squinters to your style?  Stay tuned for some eye-inspired DIYs that I promise you will ogle over! ;)

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