Father's Day Gift Guide 2015

If you have read many Father's Day Gift Guides, you would know that all men really want are three things. Things to grill with, things to golf with and things with which to consume alcohol. What? You thought I was going to say sex, drugs and rock and roll? Who's your daddy? l mean dad! *face palm* Steven Tyler?
Maybe it's five things, actually. Let's include, things to tell time with and shoes with which to walk around his non-existent boat. 
If you really want to make him happy, there's also the really expensive options. Like, I could buy him a Hawaiian golfing trip, a 55-inch Cinema 3D LED LCD HDTV ( phew that was a mouthful!)  or a BRAND NEW CAR. I bet he'd love all of those! 
Today, I put together a more realistic gift guide that caters to all budgets.
If you are young/ broke as a joke, your dad's gift is probably coming from his wallet so get him something he would buy for himself. Or that would make him smile. These are some of the cutest cards this Father's Day season: 

Seriously, add two movie tickets to Jurassic Planet or something in the card and you just gave him an inexpensive yet priceless gift.
If you are doing better for yourself, your dad is probably one to thank for your success so make sure to treat him to a nice gift...
Daniel Wellington Classic St Mawes Watch
A pricier option for a Father's Day gift, and maybe one to club together with your siblings to buy, but any father would be over the moon to receive this beautifully simple and classic Daniel Wellington watch. You can opt for a silver or rose gold case and a leather or canvas strap. The straps are also interchangeable so if your dad already owns a DW watch, a new strap could make an ideal gift. You truly can't go wrong with this one & he is sure to think of you whenever he's wearing it!

What are you thinking of getting your dad? I think we can rest assured that he is not eating macarons & reading beauty blogs so spill, beauties!

Xo, Amira.

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  1. This is a great guide and such a funny post as always. Love from the UK.