Half Moon Nails For Summer

Is there a half moon tonight? Yes! On my nails that is..
The "half moon" nail trend is the it trend for this Summer/Spring and it couldn't be easier to achieve! What's even better is that the colour combos are endless so you can rock a new look every other day if you wish.
 All you need are 2 shades of different and preferably well coordinated color nail polishes and some reinforcement rings . If you were a neat & responsible student like myself growing up & gently put papers into duotangs, chances are that you still have plenty of those around your home office. Get those bad boys out of the drawers and let's all celebrate our non-clumsy school days with some half moon manis!
The two shades of nail polishes I used are 2000 collection's "Angel Wings" and Essie's "Haute as Hello". 
Step 1: Paint your nails with 2-3 coats of the color you want the "half moon" to be. Make sure to let it dry thoroughly so the sticker you will place on it later will not remove any color!
Step 2 : Place the stickers on the nails as seen below. 
Step 3: Paint your nails with several coats of the 2nd shade. You can paint over the stickers. Let it dry, remove the stickers and finish with a clear polish to make the finished product last longer

Et voila!

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