Let's Go Glamping!

      Photo credit: my sister Meya

First things first, if you have no idea what "Glamping" is , hit the X button at the top and come back when you get your glam on. Kidding can stay but seriously you didn't know ?

And to all my glamoristas, give yourselves a pat on the back! YOU for sure knew that glam+camp=glamp! 

Now I wouldn't consider myself a diva by nature by any means..just one by nurture.  I've always loved picnics, camping not so much. You see, growing up my parents were polar opposites; my dad was a nature freak and mama was "there's an ant on the floor quick get it out if here" kinda freak. One year my mom somehow agreed to my dad's idea of spending a summer in Malaysia. She loved the big cities but we eventually had to get to the fun part of the trip. You know, the part where you chill with crocodiles, take a selfie with the snakes, hike up mountains to magical falls, drive around with monkeys on top of your car..mama wanted none of that ! So, instead of doing those fun things with my sisters & dad, I had to stay behind with mama in the hotel room/ pool / hotel souvenir shops ( see pic below )

Flash forward to 2013, I meet this cute guy. He seems like quite the catch but then he pops the dreaded question. Nope, not the one where I get to hashtag #isaidyes. In fact,"wanna go camping this weekend?" At first, I made up excuses like " ooh camping? fun! So busy this weekend though"  but I soon ran out of them by week 3. In retrospect, I feel like I could have just said " I'm allergic to grass" which is 100% true as I came to later find out thanks to my allergy test. Eventually, I came clean and told him that I had never gone camping. The relationship didn't last much longer..

A couple months later,  I decided to go camping. No idea why but it wasn't because someone asked me to. I guess I just didn't want to ever have to utter the words, "I have never gone camping" again. Since then, I can gladly say that I have gone camping 2 times *wipes proud tear off keyboard*. By trip número , I had mastered the art of being glam while camping and I'm happy to share it with you. Rub your mosquito repeller on, get cozy and read on !

Let's face it - camping means we have to downsize the toiletries and the makeup bag and only take whats needed. I like to take the essential makeup-you won't be scaring off raccoons with a smokey he look so keep that shadow kit at home -and I do not take any cotton balls/makeup remover bottles. Instead, I like to take packets of wet wipes - the ultimate travel companion! These Super Wipes are for removing makeup & food or drink stains from your clothes and they work miracles. 

Also included in the survival kit, Batiste Dry Shampoo, to freshen your roots when it's impossible to wash your hair, and a few energy drinks and food bars. Last year I went camping at a music fest and  I wasn't eating particularly well - greasy food stands are everywhere! I was getting a lot of exercise but there was no way I was getting the vitamins I needed. It's good to have some healthy snacks shoved in your backpack and plenty of water.

This is where the Brita filter water bottle will save you from dehydration. If you're not a big fan of water, try it filtered. Being 'up-north' our tap water is pretty good but I struggle with the taste of the water in camp areas *insert emoji girl with hand out* so filling up a Brita water bottle for the day is the answer! Inside the box are 3 extra filters. Hallelujah..

 Also included, an outdoor bluetooth speaker, designed to be tough and splash proof. A pair of classic Havaiana flip flops, a selfie stick (of course!) and a solar powered charging device for your phone. This one is genius, if you're camping with no electricity then harness the power of the sun and you'll be able to take iPhone photos all day and night.

All these goodies come packed in a wooden box, perfect for storing snacks to take to the campsite. I'm yet to do any real 'glamping'  this summer- but the idea of those little Wigwam huts, with real comfy beds seems so attractive!

Xo, Amira


  1. Loved reading this post! You're adorable!

  2. I have never gone camping ! That's a good survival kit though :)

  3. Haha I loved this! I'm not great with camping so glamping sounds a lot more appealing!