Preview of Kate Spade's Winter Collection!

This next statement might be biased but here it comes anyways...Kate Spade is the creme de la creme of novelty holiday accessories!

 I mean, have you seen the last few holiday collections? A few days ago, I was lucky to get to see a few of the winter 2016 goodies and I'm in love. 

In the past, some inspirations have been food ( think the cool patented leather take out box bag or the straw armadillo handbag!). This year, the inspiration is a place. Any guesses? Nope not Paree or Tokyo -although a sushi bag is definitely one to make a hit! The place is...*drum roll* ..Alaska! It's all very reminiscent of the Coca-Cola Holiday ads. One of my favourite pieces are a fuzzy polar bear crossbody and lucite clutch shaped like an iceberg, topped with a bedazzled bear. Below you will find some of the pieces available soon so start saving up, bear-uties. Get it? 

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