Goodbye Garage Sales, Hello VarageSale!

I have a love-hate relationship with garage sales. I mean, who doesn't like finding hidden gems? But then again, who likes to go through all the hassle needed to do so. Being in charge of a garage sale is even worse ; you have to first organize & promote the event, price the items, stage them & then stand there will strangers go through your stuff. In the end, an item could brings like $2. 

I dont even go shopping that much anymore since I can do it all in the comfort of my own home so when I heard about VarageSale , I couldn't be happier ( although I gotta admit, I was angry at myself for a second for not thinking of the brilliant idea first!) 

So what is VarageSale, you ask?

It's basically a virtual garage sale where locals form communities to buy, sell and hangout! I'm all about that #buylocal lifestyle so I immediately jumped on the bandwagon when VarageSale asked me if I wanted to help them grow in the Ottawa community! 

It's a really fun way to meet people within the community. Members list items for sale, comment on them and discuss whether they want to purchase without having to call you or e-mail you. It's all done on the same page as the item listed. 

I love how you have to sign up using Facebook so it's the closest thing to verifying your real identity. It's completely free to join but you need to be approved by an admin after you register- that's another layer of security right there! Plus, people use their real names & pictures so it gives the community a small town feel to it. 

I've seen people sell anything from baby clothing to cars and even real estate so it is just like other classified ads platforms just a million times better. I don't know about you but I only go on Kijiji when i'm looking for a specific time but I go on my VarageSale app all the time. It has a photo-heavy interface e so it feels like you are scrolling through a friend's instagram page. I follow some members that post things I'm interested in buying so I get notified when they place a new item for sell. 

A few of the items I'm selling. You can find links below!

Kate Spade Clutch:
Kate Spade The Eureka! Book:
Kate Spade Saturday Pink Bag:

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  1. Those are some cute stuff you have on sale! Are they still up for grabs?