What's on my iPad!

My number one use for my iPad mini... it's a toss up between watching Netflix and browsing Pinterest! The iPad mini screen is definitely 'individual' sized. It's lightweight and portable, I think it's ideal for watching Netflix or Prime Instant Video alone. I've just finished all three seasons of Orange is the New Black. After being late to catch the bandwagon I stormed through 3 seasons in 3 weeks. It's really good!!

I also love flicking through the Pinterest app on the iPad. I prefer using Pinterest this way more than viewing it via desktop or on a phone. There's something about the ease of use on the iPad that makes it different to any other device. My iPad tends to live on my bedside table so I'll pop on Pinterest for some late night inspiration (which is when my brain switches on creatively anyway) and update my boards.

Other apps that I use frequently are Instagram, YouTube, Bloglovin and shopping apps such as ASOS and Amazon. Although it must be said, the ASOS app is pretty rubbish and crashes all the time. I rarely play games, I just don't get hooked on them. I did play Candy Crush for quite a while ( a long while..I'm at like level 700 joke!) but that's about it.
I regularly use the Kindle app. I did have a Amazon Kindle but I've since sold it as it really wasn't getting used. I worried the bright iPad screen would hurt my eyes after hours of reading but I don't find it too strenuous at all. At night I turn the brightness all the way down and it doesn't affect my sleep or how tired I feel. An hour of reading actually improves my sleep and helps me to wind down. It's avoiding checking Instagram before bed that's tricky! The Kindle app is brilliant. I love the dictionary feature. If you want a definition of a word you're not sure on, you just tap and hold down on the word. This, and the notes feature, would have been so useful to me when studying English Lit.

I also love the Stylist magazine app. It's 100% free with new issues of Stylist out every Tuesday. I used to pick it up every week in Manchester on my way to Uni or work and read it on the train home. Since finishing my degree and changing jobs I'm happy to have found a downloadable version of such a fantastic magazine.
What are some of your favourite apps? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Aww! I love the Stylist! I always read it on the train in London! My friend introduced me to it!