Lazy Sunday: Makeup Storage Tips ( w pictures)

Happy Sunday loves! It's one of those days where I don't feel like doing much - writing included. I love scrolling through my blog feed though to see what everybody is up to. Last night, I stayed in on a Saturday and organized my makeup. I even deep cleaned my brushes! I thought I would give you a snippet of my makeup collection & how I like to store things!
I've slowly been building up my acrylic storage, sourcing the best for budget and quality. I think I'm finally settled with how everything is, so I thought I'd share my system! Doing this has also helped me to slim down my makeup collection and throw away some old or expired production.
In this set of drawers, I have everything I'll want to grab for on a daily basis. I have foundations on top and I'm currently only hovering between 2 or 3. I also have a few skincare products on top, my eyelash curler, tweezers, brow brush and a brow setting gel.

In the first tier, these two drawers hold setting powder and concealer. 

The next drawer down has blushers I use regularly, a couples of highlighters and a bronzing powder. 

In the bottom drawer I store my MAC lipsticks and a few others that I reach for regularly. 

I wanted a new way to display my fragrances and this is how it looks like for now. I know, I know..technically you are not supposed to store perfumes in a  non-dark place but these bottles were just too darn pretty to keep out of sight ( sorry mama!) 
These are my most worn- I love love Daisy by Marc Jacobs for the summer. I have a few others tucked away that I put on rotation depending on my mood, occasion or the time of the year. I think these acrylic steps are just the perfect storage for keeping things classy.
These drawers are a little bit deeper, so ideal for storing lots of makeup. Mascaras and eyeliners in the top drawer, loads of lip products are in the second drawer, individual eye shadows, eye crayons and primers are in the third drawer and in the bottom drawer I keep other face products such as cream blushers I don't use as often, highlighters and powders. 

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