Must have Autumn Coats

Last year I added more new coats and jackets to my wardrobe than anything else. Once the cold weather hits, you'll rarely be taking them off so it's wise to invest in a good few that you love and can wear over and over again. I'm sharing with you my favourite styles for Autumn & Winter 2015 - but these coats are also classics that will never go out of fashion.

This trench coat from H&M (old line) has seen me through the first half of the year, and I'm still getting lots of wear out of it during October too. It's a fairly lightweight beige trench coat. A staple and a classic. Everyone needs a trench! I can layer this up with jumpers and long sleeved tops, skinny jeans and knee high boots. You'll find this style everywhere, it keeps making a comeback, so buy one now and it will be an essential item in your wardrobe for years to come.

The Wax Utility Jacket

This wax jacket* from Barbour via Country Attire is my favourite 'walking the dog' coat. (That's if I had a dog to walk) but it's also ideal for long walks in the countryside and throwing on to run errands. It doesn't need to be a Barbour of course, there are plenty of affordable utility jackets on the high street, but it's exciting to think this one jacket could be with me for years, something you get with a high quality brand. This one is in olive green which I find goes with almost everything.

The Oversized Boyfriend Blazer

Here's a coat that has been in my possession for years. I may have purchased this from New Look 3 or even 4 years ago but every autumn and winter I pull it out again and wear it lots. It's a boxy oversized style that works well for days out in the city and it's surprisingly flattering. I always wear this one open, so sometimes a chunky knit scarf is necessary to keep extra warm. These 'boyfriend' shaped coats are still on the high street, it's a trend I thought might fade but I'm glad it's stuck around!

The "All Weather" Jacket

Everyone needs a 'all-weather' coat. Something warm, thick and waterproof (or at least shower proof). I love this wax finished coat* from Country Attire for its durability, hood, deep pockets and checked lining! This one is ready for gale-force winds and heavy rain. Bonfire night is on it's way and we all need something to wrap up in...

I hope autumn sticks around so I get some wear out of all these beauties. In Canada, it's a good year if there is no snow on the ground by Halloween..

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