Blast off to Planet Booby! Look Inspirations for #Boobyball

Hey beautiful! 

I'm so thrilled and honoured to have been invited to this year's Boobyball— Planet Booby—that is finally coming to Ottawa! So what is Boobyball? Well I will get to that but trust me you want to save the date -Friday, November 13th- from now! Go call up that date and cancel if you have to and come right back to this post...

Ok so now that you have freed up your Friday night, let's talk Boobyball! What's even better than its sick name is its cause! Boobyball is an annual fundraising event for breast cancer. In the past, it has been a great success year after year in Toronto, Calgary, Winnipeg, and now, Ottawa! Over the past 13 years, Boobyball has raised over 3.4 million dollars for Rethink Breast Cancer.

Tickets are almost sold out so get yours soon!  To do so, go to, and select your destination : Ottawa. Tickets are $100 and they include a $10 tax receipt and a major gift bag valued at over $250.

This year's theme is an intergalactic one so I've pieced together a few looks that will make you feel out of this world and some!

Caution: Lots and lots of sequins ahead.

The "Pretty in Planet Booby" look

The "Intergalactic Goddess" look

The "With love from Planet Booby" look

The " I just landed from Earth" look

The "Call me Queen Boobyball" look

The "Captain Planet Booby" look

The "Commander in Chief" Jumpsuit

The "Can I bring my cat on board?" look
The "Midnight in Planet Booby" look
The "Is there Champagne on this planet?" look
The "Do Plants grow on Planet Booby?" look


  1. I love all the look!! Great options

  2. Love all the holiday colours and glitter! Well put together.