Prep, Set..Go! #Preppy Basics

Hey beautiful..and beau!

If you know me well, you know that I'm a sucker for preppy boys. Maybe I've listened to far too many Lana Del Rey songs and have led my mind to think that I've moved to The Hamptons? There's just this je ne sais quoi about the entire lifestyle ( yes ,being preppy is more than just acquiring the rough clothes. You have to drink champagne for breakfast too..sometimes)

Caution: little ( or super rambly ) anecdote coming...

Sometimes, I walk in to the ladies section at Ralph Lauren, spend about 3 mins and then I magically find myself in the men's section! I don't even realize it usually until a sales associate sneaks up on me and asks, "are you looking for a gift for a special man today?". At this point, I usually can't quite quite tell if the guy is trying to flirt and is using a question to find out if I have a "man" or if he is geniunely trying to help. 9 times out of 10, I realize it's probably the latter and talk about how my imaginary fiancé who loves RL surprised me with tickets to ( insert country) Open and that I'm trying to find a cable knit sweater to match our polos.

Yup. And then I look around some more and leave..

Anyways, when I found out that Kenneth defines his style and I quote as " European mixed with Northeastern American prep", I asked him if he wanted to come on board On Closet Nine. Over the new few months , I will be working with Kenneth and styling pieces for bi-weekly menswear fashion Fridays!

This week, I thought it would be a good idea to go over some basic tips to a flawless preppy lifestyle.

Foremost, you have to think classic. The preppy style is all about embracing the classic style of old. However, you can give it a personalized, modern look with ease. The silhouettes, length, fit and colors should all have the ability to take you to the office and out for a nice dinner without having to change your oufit!

Cable knit sweaters are classic and will never go out of style - no matter whether they are made of wool, cotton, cashmere, with or sans get the drift! 

Now let's talk chinos! Focus on them and forget then jeans. They're ok in classic khaki, grey or navy but you can take the concept further and opt for brighter hues! The only time it's appropriate to wear black is to dinner or a formal occasion where a DJ is required. No, I'm boy blind and I know black is always trendy. But why be so unimaginative ?! I feel like the "absence of color" is to be avoided - unless of course you are trying to look like a gangster or an extra in X Men. 
Reds and bold greens/blues are perfect for the winter! 

Make sure to pair your chinos with a blazer! They'll dress anything up yet still remain relaxed and easy to wear. Start with a navy blazer. In fact, you need a navy blazer.  Add a pair of brown loafers, you will set for a wild evening at the Claremont Hotel in Southwest Harbor. Thank me later, boys.

Also, tailored is key. Crisp shirts, creased pants, jackets with flipped collars and expertly rolled cuffs are essential to the flawless preppy styling.

Fit is also key. Even though the oversized look in menswear is one of the more popular looks these days , in the preppy fashion world it has no place. Your clothes should fit you perfectly as if they were tailored specifically to fit your frame

One more thing, patience guessed it! KEY. Building the right wardrobe takes lots of time, investment and patience. You don't need 25 suits. Three or four should do if you incorporate different textures and experiment with colours. Start with a  navy suit- just like the blazer, you can never ever go wrong with a timeless navy suit. Like I said before, being preppy is more than just dressing the part, you have the life as a prep. Most importantly, remember, being preppy is a lifestyle foremost. Make sure to RSVP for another menswear post next Friday morning. The dress code is champagne at 9am. See you then boys!

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