The Perfect Stocking!

Christmas Eve is a month away and we had our first snowfall in Ottawa today so I just had to start with the Christmas-y blog posts! There will be a lot over the next month so grab a little something marshmallow & mocha, you loca. I really hope you haven't clicked "X" on the page yet. Great, and before I type another stupid thing, let's see what's inside my beautiful boot stocking!!

This stocking was inspired by my bestie Celine who lives in Paris. She loves chocolate and other girly things. I'm sure this assortment is not "perfect" for every one so I will make more stocking posts! They are so fun and the possibilities are endless.

Catch you later, beautiful!


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  1. I was very shock when I wake-up this morning to see snow, but I guess Christmas is around the corner. This reminds me, I need to start my shopping soon.