Hello, it's me!

Hey you! So, yes, I realize I have been completely MIA on here for over a month. Last night, I saw a funny meme about how January is just a trial month, 2016 & all that " new year , new me " shenanigans really only count starting February. Well, new me. I'm back  now so 'Hello & Happy New Year from me!' So here it is. I have been thinking lots about my blog and what path On Closet Nine might take in 2016. I'd love to get your feedback and some input because although I enjoy blogging for myself it really wouldn't be the same without my readers. Let's have a go at setting some goals...

Let's Blog More Often
I'd love to make more time for blogging. Ideally I'd be posting one piece of quality content per week but posting twice a week would be even better! There's no point in setting unrealistic goals  so with this in mind for me right now promising to blog at least once a week is an achievable goal.

Let's Blog What We Want
It takes all the enjoyment out of blogging when I feel like I 'have' blog about a particular topic, in a particular way. Throughout 2016 I'm going to blog about the things I really want to blog about. And worry less that some of those things will be of zero interest to my readers. I always want to put out content that is enjoyable or helpful. 

Let's Use More Platforms
I've been neglecting my Facebook & Twitter accounts. I'd like to use these platforms more often in 2016 and not for just plugging blog posts. Follow me on these pages and send me some encouragement!

Let's Get Social
I'll admit it, I am the worst for leaving comments on blogs and replying to comments. I'm terrible at it. I'll read a fantastic blog post and then just move on. Why wouldn't I want to tell the author how much I benefited from their hard work!? I like the new Twitter hearts that have replaced the star icon. As silly as it sounds I think I find myself 'hearting' more Tweets than ever before. It's only a small action but it lets someone know you have read and appreciated what they have written. I may have to look into setting something similar up On Closet Nine because I know not everyone can think of what to say and a heart button only takes a click! But in general I'd like to encourage more conversation and feedback, it's something I definitely need to work on.

What would you like to see more of on On Closet Nine? What are your favourite type of posts to read? If you're a blogger have you set some of your own blog goals for 2016?

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