Favorite Current Reads

There’s nothing I enjoy more at the end of the
 day than winding down with a good book. Over the past six months I’ve made much more of an effort to turn off all screens at least one hour before bed as I began to realize my habit of bringing my phone into the bedroom was getting a little out of control. As soon as I started reading more before bed, it was incredible how much better I was sleeping. Looking at print versus a shining bright light in front of your face does wonders to get your mind into resting mode (and it’s proven by science).

Today I’m sharing three of my current favourite reads with you that keep me inspired before I shut off for the day. Since you already know my love for Paris, it probably comes as no surprise that I’m completely attached to every word in How to be Parisian. These four ladies brilliantly depict what it takes to be a truly fabulous French woman. They cover it all, from culture to fashion, sex and attitude. It will make you laugh, feel confident, and even teach you a thing or two.

Next up, I’m looking forward to finally getting around to reading “it” girl Alexa Chung take on life as she writes about her style inspirations, love, and social media tips.

Lastly, I’m incredibly happy to have Tom Ford sitting on my coffee table, as his book acts as a statement piece as much as it does a source of fashion inspiration. I find myself picking it up at random points throughout the day to flip through his talented creations throughout the years.

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  1. What a good idea it is to read a book before bed, instead of cramming in more phone time! I will definitley have to try this! Also, I am with you on being everything Paris obsessed, and adore that book! And well, anything with Paris in the title:) Enjoy your reads, and thanks for sharing!