How I Edit My Instagram Photos!

A lot of you have been commenting on my Instagram lately requesting I share how I edit/filter my photos, so… that’s the plan for today! Honestly, I’m so flattered you guys like my feed. I'll admit it- it takes a lot of work & planning, so it’s always nice to hear you guys are feeling it!
The other day , my sister was over & she was rushing me to go run some errands with her, & I told her I had to post an Instagram first. My mom chimed in from the kitchen suggesting Nina (the sister) kick off her shoes, grab a snack, & start catching up on my DVR’ed episodes of Ellen.

I’d like to say she was being sarcastic & exaggerating in a big way, but she wasn’t. The Instagram struggle is real… & very time consuming.
I used to not spend as much time perfecting the feed, but ever since I began branding it more, my follower count began to grow rapidly. So, I soon realized that no matter how long it took me to post a great photo, it is just another part of the job description when you’re a blogger. Plus, most companies contact bloggers from their social media accounts. Think of Instagram as the nicely landscaped lawn outside your house people judge you by.

 Disclaimer: I'm not a judgemental person at all but I DO judge people based on their IG accounts. Mostly guys. You know..the potential suitors. Anywhoo moving on!

My blog is very colourful & whimsical , & since my IG "theme” is an extension of my brand as a whole, you will also find that same vibe on my feed.

Regardless of how you decide to edit, a few quick suggestions to help you brand your Instagram:

» Always edit the same each time! Consistency is key in keeping your feed streamlined & stunning. 

» Look at your feed from a thumbnail view to analyze how it looks as a whole. This is a great way to see if your theme is cohesive.

» Get a friend to help! I always ask for opinions & a hand if I want both of my hands in the pic haha! 

» Download the app Lipix & plan ahead. It’s a collage app & I use it to layout my Instagram photos in a 3×3 grid before posting. I know, it sounds crazy/excessive, but it’s been a really helpful tool to make sure everything is cohesive.

» Break up the feed. Don’t post straight up outfit posts all day, break it up with what you’re eating/the color of your nails, a shoe of the day, etc.


» Texture & props are your friend! Brick walls, cobblestone floors, & furry blankets are my personal favorite textures & my favorite props (mainly for flat lays) include succulents, sunglasses, marble anything, pretty flowers, & the occasional selfie ( well I overdo that last one oops )

Now, drumroll please, my in depth editing process.

Once I’ve narrowed down from likely 50+  photos, I open up the chosen photo in Snapseed. Snapseed is a great photo editing app as it really lets you closely control the adjustments made to your photo.

» First I up the brightness anywhere from +30 to +50. It all depends on the photo, sometimes it needs a lot of brightening, other times just a tad.

» I then adjust the contrast between +20 and +30. I feel like this helps make the photo pop a bit more.

» Because my brand is very colourful, I always always increase the saturation to about +10.

Now that I have my starting edits done, I then open the photo in VSCO, which is my absolute favorite of all editing apps out there.

» In this first round, cause we will open it up in VSCO again in the next step, is to use the SE3 (street etiquette 3) filter. This one you do have to purchase, but it’s totally worth it as it changes saturations & ups the contrast to the perfect amount.

» Depending on the photo, I will move around the levels. Sometimes full blast with this filter looks great, but more often than not I adjust somewhere between 5 and 8

» Save the image!

Open up the latest version of your photo again in VSCO to add one more filter.

» I love the H feature, because as the name states, it’s very minimalistic & I love all things minimalism

» This filter realllly increases warmth & adds a bit of a pop to the image. For this filter I set the levels to around 2 or 3 so that it’s not too drastic. Full strength on this one can sometimes look too blue or over edited.

One other thing I occasionally is when I go to upload the photo to Instagram, I use their built in editor to make any last minute changes. If it is still looking to dark or warm, I will up the brightness & increase the warmth a bit more. If it is a product photo or a flat lay, I will also give it a bit of sharpening to really make everything stand out!

SO— There you have it! My editing process, in all of it’s full & extensive detail. Hope you guys enjoyed this post & let me know if you want more posts on Instagram branding/tips to grow your following!


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