On Cuisine 9 ( Paratha Party )

Hello love! The other day, I had a fun stay in day with mama and we cooked up a healthy lunch I thought I would share with you. 
We are both obsessed with "parathas". It's an indian flatbread and we like to buy them and freeze them for lunch and dessert. They are great with honey or nutella too but I prefer them with saltier options. 

My mom chopped up some tomatoes and red peppers and sauteed them with some salt and olive oil on a pan. We also shared a plate where we added eggs to the mix. Otherwise, everything else is raw. We added some avocadoes, eggplants in oil, cherry tomatoes, olives and garnished it with some parsley

. & we made some green tea...

& invited some flamenco dancers to the partay.

 bon appetit!

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