Tribal Thursdays!

Hello love! I always refer to Thursdays as "Friday Eve" but I gotta admit "Tribal Thursday" has a better ring! Plus I always end up wearing print on this day of the week so I finally decided to write up a post about my love for tribal print.

I bought this skirt years ago & I remember gushing over my purchase to my wise, older sister only to hear her say,   " why do you always waste your money on trendy pieces that no one wears after one season?". Well guess what, I have worn this skirt for 2 winters, 3 summers and God knows how many falls and word on the street is that it still rocks. Zara & H&M are my go to stores for buying these kind of skirts. Trust me, I say invest in one..or three. They are great with a plain tank or tee. 


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  1. Haha I love when that happens! When you think a piece may just be a trendy impulse buy and you end up having it and wearing it for years. xx, Erin -