Tribal Thursday part 2

Hey hey! Are you here expecting a new #tribalthursday post? Well, are in luck! It's getting mildly embarassing the amount of these printed skirts I own.  Damn you H&M and Zara. Seriously, I can guarantee you that somewhere in one of two stores, there's a mini tribal skirt waiting for me to walk in and take her home with me. Maybe in another life I was a blogger in some African tribe? Or this more of an Aztec print?. I feel that I should know the difference by now considering I have just enough print skirts to open up a little "On Skirt 9" boutique! 

I can't help myself though- they are so much fun to wear day & night and can be styled in different ways because they usually have lots of colors.

I love the mix of the blue and burgundy mix on this H&M skirt. I couldn't find the exact one online unfortunately but I have gone ahead and linked some similar beauties. Like always, you are welcome babes! You can find some similar skirts here
The blouse is also from H&M. They have them all year around for $29 and I own 4 colors. They are so lightweight and I find they last a long time with proper wash
I like to match my shoes to my bags and these two are some of my favorite pairs. The little burgundy bag is from Forever 21. It's teeny and doesn't hold much but I love it for running short errands! 

Do you guys enjoy these tribal Thursday posts? I don't have a shortage of printed skirts so do let me know if you want to see how I style other ones next week!

P.S The leather jacket is from Danier leather and it's an investment piece I bought many many years ago.



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