you blue me away.

Hey love! An avid reader of the blog emailed me the other day asking for more personal posts. First of all, thanks so much for emailing me guys- it seriously makes my days and I'm always open to suggestions. per request, this will be a ( more) personal post. Normally, I just talk about the outfit and where to get it blah blah & throw some links at you that might help me make some $$$. But, there's always more to the outfit though. This blue dress, I love love love because I bought it one day when I received some great job news. It was from Winners and I only hit that store if I'm in the right mood to search for gold. Don't get me wrong though- I still shop when I'm mad, sad, hungry, get the point. I find it a bit ironic that it's a blue dress because let me tell ya, I never feel blue wearing it!

Every time I wear it something great happens. Exhibit A, today: I shot this look six hours ago & here I am sitting down on my bed at 12:29AM writing this post with some red grapes & a cup of H2O.

You wouldn't tell from these pictures but most of the day was rainy, cold and gloomy. Frankly, I was hesitant to charge my camera and go outside to strike a pose. 
My friend & photographer, Fanta and I still decided to meet downtown for our usual coffee break before shooting. I have a huge crush on the barista at the cafĂ© & he was in today. Last week, he had asked me for my name but I figured he would forget it. We go to one of the busiest coffee shops downtown, after all. But guess what..he didn't forget it! I walked in and he goes "Bonjour Amira". Oh & did I mention he's French? You know me and my love for French men.  Oddly enough, he knows I have a blog and the name of it too so let's pray to the lord that he never sees this. I should add that he also asked me if I was going to shoot a look today & we talked about how miserable the weather was. 

 Fanta & I grabbed a coffee. She also got a cookie but no sweets for me- the eye candy was enough. I really hope no one is reading this still-  I'm a goofball, guys. 

This picture is actually from a few weeks ago but figured it was too perfect to not include with this story. I mean coffee, cookie, parisian..this screams this blog post.
All of a sudden the skies cleared up and it turned into a gorgeous evening.

We even semi-crashed a wedding that was happening where we took pics.
I love this dress so much that I decided to style it two different ways. I love the royal blue + fuschia combo best I think. What do you guys prefer? The more casual blue+ white look or the "you can't not see me with all this fuschia" look?

Dress: Winners
White bag : Forever 21
Pink Pumps: ALDO
Pink bag: Kate Spade

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