got the Monday blues.

Happy Monday! Well..actually it's past midnight as I'm writing this so this is going up on a Tuesday. Blog going up on a Tuesday got your girl in a blue coat she choosay. Nothing like a blogging session + Drake to end a long Monday.
It's been so cold the past couple days so I had to bring out this blue jacket out. Isn't it crazy how just one post ago I was wearing a sleeveless mini summer dress?! Yup Canada has some cray cray weather

This was my Monday work outfit. Oh & you guys, on my lunch break today I went to grab a coffee and Mr.barista happened to be working. He told me he had checked out my blog but I'm pretty sure he didn't read the post where I mention him. Close call, phew! 

.I think I'll get over this silly crush soon- is it just me or does anyone crush over someone in customer service at some point ? Maybe it's the fact that they are friendly that makes us think they might be flirting or interested

Plus he's not my only crush - I've been crushing on this blue Zara jacket for sometime now. I love wearing it so much that frankly a part of me was happy that it was cold today just so I can wear it.

I paired it with a tweed skirt with just enough sequins to be work appropriate. The skirt is from H&M last winter. The black sheer V top is a great staple shirt I tuck into so many skirts/pants. Love how versatile it is and you guys it was only $15 from Bershka

Oh & I had to share with you my goofy bag I may or may not have carried with me to the café today. Parlez vous brunch? Mais oui oui, French et brunch !

Jacket: Zara
Skirt: H&M
Top: Bershka
Booties: ALDO


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