Golden Days @ Sofitel Montreal

Hello beautiful! 

I don't like adjectives when it comes to describing places... sometimes, too many adjectives fall short to describe the beauty. As I see it, beauty in a place is more than the walls, decor, and the perfect scenario... the real beauty is appreciated by the heart.  And let me tell you.. my heart appreciated all what Montreal & Sofitel offered last weekend.

My best friend & I decided to head to Montreal for the Quebec long weekend. We had some fun days filled with shopping & sightseeing & were lucky to spend two wonderful night at Sofitel Montreal right in the heart of Montreal. The hotel was kind enough to let me do an Instagram takeover on their account @sofitelmontreal.  

From the very first step, we felt like valued customers and were treated like royalty.  I've stayed at many 5-star hotels over the years but never have I had interaction with staff that were so friendly and approachable yet professional at the same time! 

It was a super sweet gesture for the marketing team to welcome us with macarons. They were devoured among the two of us within the first hour..
Our room was everything an allergy prone person like myself could wish for! 7 out of 10 times when I stay at hotels,  I end up switching rooms due to mould or mildew. Not at Sofitel though- our room had ZERO sign of any mould or mildew. Even though the windows don't open due to laws, the ventilation system is top-notch. 

During the daytime, our room bathed in gorgeous natural light ( perfect for instagramming!!) thanks to large windows which offer stunning views on Downtown Montreal.  
It was a super hot weekend in Montreal so we stayed cool with some refreshments courtesy of the friendly staff at Sofitel.
Even when I'm on vacation, I'm constantly catching up on emails and blogging so it was nice having a large desk & a good wi-fi connection to get some work done!
After freshening up and getting some work done, we headed downstairs to check out the hotel! If you love art and culture, you will really enjoy staying in the Golden Mile district in Montreal.
It's such a posh and vibrant neighborhood and the hotel couldn't be a better representation of it.
I was impressed to learn that fireplace and chandelier in the lobby were all originally owned by the Van Horne family, whose family house used to stand where the hotel is today! I love how they preserved those items because it gives the whole lobby a very elegant touch and character!  
There's a super cool bookcase too for the  bookworm like me who could waste endless hours nose deep in a book! Can you spy the "La Mode" book sitting there waiting for me?!
After a long and exhausting day of walking, it was the best feeling to sleep in the MOST comfortable bed ever! You guys, I'm not even exaggerating. My friend had the same exact comment about the bed the next morning. As it turns out, the beds are loved so much by guests, Sofitel has an online boutique where you can purchase your own bedding sets! Fun fact: The SoBed is used by Air France in their first class prestige suites!
 I wish I could have stayed in bed all day but we had another big day of city exploring so that was not an option! One thing that made getting out of that bed easier was the fact that we knew we were going to tour the hotel rooms & then have brunch .

Here are some photos of the Junior King Suite:
The SoBed looks so comfy in the Junior King suite. This suite is perfect for a couple.
The light up mirrors and double sinks are #couplegoals in the Junior King suite!
Give me a nespresso machine & I'm a happy camper. Great addition to the suites!

Brunch at the Restaurant Renoir:

The table arrangement is great - lots of room yet perfect for quiet conversation. Just like the hotel rooms, there are large floor-to-ceiling windows which offer a great view of Sherbrooke Street and bring in lots of natural lighting.
Earlier on in this post, I mentioned how I don't like to give adjectives to describe place but perhaps the best words I can use here are: haute cuisine. Picture the most posh person you can think of. Now picture them sitting down for a nice meal. I bet you that they are sitting at Renoir for Sunday brunch! 

At Renoir, the dessert menu changes daily, with plenty of choices for all degrees of sweet teeth.Acclaimed French pastry chef, Roland Del Monte makes some of the best tarts which are all made from local fruit! It was a pleasure meeting humble chef Del Monte! 

 My weekend at the Sofitel Montreal was everything I had wished for and beyond! A big thank you to the staff who made our stay the best and for Sofitel Montreal for supporting this post. As always, the opinions expressed are my own.




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