Au natural: Purple Frog Patches

Earlier this year, one of my new year's resolutions for 2016 was to buy more naturally grown, eco-friendly products. Its July now and frankly speaking, half of my resolutions have long gone out of the door but this is one that I don't think I can give up! Plus, it started mostly for food products but I also discovered Purple Frog Patches, a great Canadian company that carries products that are natural and healthy. First things first, I love the concept/name of this brand. I think "frog" is so fitting because they are recognized as an indicator species in that they are ultra sensitive to disturbances and toxins which are easily absorbed into their permeable skin. The company was started by young entrepreneurs who had a passion for natural profucts and the power of essential oils.
I have been lucky to try three products from the Purple Frog Patches air refreshers range. My favorite is the Snooze Button because I find that it is the most relaxing for at home use. The unique blend of all-natural plant oils in each patch release a stimulating aroma that relaxes my mind while freshening up my room and bathroom. I have gotten used to the aroma that the other day while on a trip, I took a few patches with me so I can stick them on the go and feel like I was still at home. 

Another favorite scent of mine from this line is the Lemongrass one. Its the perfect scent for the summer months and ideal for use in cars and other smaller spaces. I like it because its very light with just the perfect hint of sweet lemon scent.

 Finally, my pick for a scent for an office or work space is the Air Awakening scent. It is a great alternative to essential oil diffusers and is overall a safe, chemical free substitute for harmful synthetic air fresheners. Have you tried Purple Frog Patches? Which scent is your favorite? Do let me know in the comments below!

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