The Andaz Experience : Andaz Amsterdam #TBT

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You might have noticed that lately OnClosetNine has been featuring more travel articles. If you didn't know this about me..well..I'm a HUGE travel bug. Travel blogging is a dream come true for me and although I'm quite amateur at it for the moment, I truly enjoy checking out new hotels and writing about them. Plus, given that I have tried everything from 2 star to 5 star hotels over the course of the past few years, I feel that I'm a good judge on value !

A few years ago ( 3 to be exact),  I got to study abroad in Europe. Even though I love luxury hotels, travelling 18 countries in a year can get pretty expensive that way if you were on a budget like mine! But then there cams my awesome older sister & her generosity  ...

My sister had stayed at the Andaz Amsterdam and loved it so much that she decided to treat me to a 2 night stay there! I was the luckiest girl alive- all I paid that weekend was my 40 euros round trip ticket from Madrid to Brussels then my 10 euro bus trip from Brussels to Amsterdam and forth.

Spending 60 euros an entire weekend since she took care of everything else was the best feeling ever. I couldn't wait to brag about the weekend to all my friends who were  spending their weekend in hostels. *insert sassy emojj*

As the cab driver stopped and said “here we are” I didn’t even realize the Andaz was a hotel, as it blends into the neighborhood so well. That being said, Amsterdam seems to have a lot more boutique hotels than just about any other city I’ve visited.
There were no bellmans outside or anything but we were welcomed once in the lobby with drinks. The lobby was really creatively designed, and felt “hip” without losing that 5 star service feeling . 
Before I start talking about our room,
can we take a moment to appreciate this elevator please ?!

I usually don’t like overly “artistic” rooms, because they end up feeling either cheap or impractical but our  room was just stunning! I’ll actually let the pictures speak for themselves for the most part, since I thought the interior was so unique without being impractical. 

Then toilet was located opposite of the entrance, and featured the same design as the elevator.

In the mornings, we had complimentary breakfast at Bluespoon Restaurant, which serves breakfast from 6:30AM till 11:30AM.

I have to say the service in the restaurant was phenomenal. Not only were the servers attentive, but they had a great sense of humor. When I didn’t finish a plate one of the servers looked at me in shock and said “how am I supposed to explain this to the chef?

I wish I had taken more pictures of this hotel at the time but I wasn't blogging then and didn't even have a proper camera! I learned a few weeks ago that Andaz Ottawa is opening ( it's opened now) and I knew I had to do some digging for my pictures on Andaz Amsterdam! I'm so excited that an Andaz is opening in my hometown. Each Andaz hotel is unique in design, service and cuisine and I can't wait to see what Andaz Ottawa has to offer !  



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