Bench by the bricks . #LoveMyHood

Hello loves!

Let me welcome you to my hood, downtown Ottawa. Boy oh boy do I ever #LoveMyHood! I live in the capital city of Canada which still feels like a big town/small city when compared to, say, MontrĂ©al or Toronto! Ottawa has a small downtown but it's a beautiful one- I love the mix of old with the new. One street front can be all corporate buildings and yet you can stumble into a black alley with so much history and French quarter vibes. Ottawa is a somewhat conservative , mostly government employees city and  some would go on to describe it as "lacking style".

I disagree with that statement and that's why when Bench asked me to pick out a few pieces to style from their Fall 2016 collection, I decided to pay a tribute  to my hood and style pieces that are comfortable yet appropriate for the office ! These are all minimalist picks that are Ottawa perfect.

I thought the task would be way more difficult since I've always had this idea in my head that Bench was all about their signature logo t-shirts, leggings and windbreakers. It turns out that I was SO wrong- there's plenty of styles to choose from their clothing and accessories lines.

With a budget of $200, I went on the hunt for some affordable pieces so I can show you a variety! I ended up getting 4 things: a super comfy black V-neck sweater, a grey wool cardigan, a camel tote and a grey wallet! So let's see how I styled these...

Grey Cardigan:

Black V-neck sweater: 
What's inside my bag:

After work, I love to head to the flower market to pick up some fresh blooms for the house ( and IG feed!) then meet up with some friends/colleagues for some coffee. My Bench wallet is great because it's the perfect size and color to match most of my handbags.

If you are looking for more work-appropriate picks like I did, here a few more of my favorites from :

Black Jumper

Liberated Mini Backpack

 A big shoutout to the staff at Bench in Tanger Outlets, who were an absolute charm to work with. They helped me pick the perfect pieces for a comfy weekday at the office!

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