Conflict-Free Diamonds ft. SquareGal

In this day and age we often hear the term "conflict-free" in relation to diamonds, but few of us know what this actually means. Aside from the Leonardo Decaprio movie 'Blood Diamond' (and OMG can we just take a second to reflect on how amaze he was in that...I mean really) - we just are not well-versed in where our diamonds come from or the more often than not horrific and bloody ways in which those gorgeous, glittering stones reach our rings, necklaces, and earrings.

For a diamond to be "conflict free", there are many opinions and policies which set forth various precedents about how to determine whether a diamond is truly conflict-free. Some limit themselves to the Kimberley Process's definition, which simply states that conflict diamonds are stones which have financed rebel movements against recognized governments. What we forget in this narrow definition, however, is that multitudes of diamonds are tainted by violence, child labor, unsafe mining conditions and human rights abuses, environmental destruction and poverty.

SquareGal believes in sourcing the most ethically mined diamonds available from legitimate sources - they believe that diamonds can be ethical, beautiful stones that do not represent the diamond-fueled violence that often erupts in countries where diamonds are mined. This means that you can wear SquareGal diamonds and feel confident that your stones are free of bloodshed - a company that you can stand behind proudly.

Furthermore, SquareGal believes that diamonds should be for everyday wear and for every price point - they are no longer just for special occasions or reserved for the super wealthy. There are numerous factors that can cause diamonds to become pricier (cut, clarity, color) but being conflict-free is definitely not one of them. SquareGal ensures that they balance the color, cut, and clarity to bring you the most beautiful diamonds possible at the most economical prices on the market...and they do a stunning job in the process. Our favorite ring is the Audrey - with 0.3 carat worth of diamonds and a white gold plated band, it's beyond stunning. We love the classic "x" style and minimalist design, and while bling-y and beautiful it still totally works with your every day looks. Dress it up for a night out, or dress it down with a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt, seriously you can't go wrong with this amazing ring.

Sooo with the holidays right around the corner, definitely consider SquareGal. The combo of conflict-free diamonds at seriously low prices makes them the perfect gift for the girl(s) in your life. And if the prices still feel a little too hefty, then make sure you check out their other rings, like the Mitty - a gorgeous and simple white gold plated band featuring a line of fabulous topaz stones (and hey - totally looks like a diamond band!). They have a ring for every price point, and for every style.

Big thanks to SquareGal for educating us about the diamond trade and for being humanitarians, we love companies like you!


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