Investing in Good Luggage + Packing Tips

Okay ladies. Let’s talk packing. I don’t know about the rest of you, but Maya and I, we don’t pack light. Even before I was a fashion blogger, leaving for a weekend meant packing for at least two weeks. Now…well, consider the fact that I might have to shoot three, four, five looks while on a trip – and that doesn’t include the outfits I’ll wear just out and about – and we are talking massive amounts of STUFF. Cause it isn’t just clothes, right? There are shoes, bags, makeup, hair tools…things get out of control reallllly fast. Up until now packing has meant bringing multiple suitcases (and often paying for them since luggage is so rarely free anymore) – but with the 30″ case from Heys, there is no more need for multi-case packing. Meet your new best friend, the marble Bianco.

Heys KILLED it with their Bianco line. If you haven’t noticed (and how have you not?!) marble is EVERYTHING right now. Instagram is covered in marble tables, marble phone cases…and now, Heys has killed the game with their white marble luggage. Not only are their pieces gorgeous but they’re unique – the chances of this bad boy getting lost in the airport are slim to none. Seriously – for the fashionista, this is THE luggage.

We have tried countless luggage over the years and have narrowed it down to two companies that we just LOVE. As much as we love Heys, we also love Away ! I often find myself mixing these two brands together for longer trips. If I were to go on a short weekend trip, my Away small carry-on does the job just right! So what should you look for when investing in good luggage? Read on!

Wheels: The wheels get a ton of wear if you travel as often as we do so you need to invest in luggage that not only has steardy ones but also where they are 360 degress rotational!

Handles: You want two-post handles which give you the ability to piggyback a smaller bag (tote bag) or personal item (laptop case, briefcase).

Weight: Buy a suitcase made of polycarbonate rather than fabric! These offer  high impact protection and are generally ultra light!

Tech saavy: Well, guess what fellow battery power drainers? All of your problems can be solved via smart luggage by Away! Prepare to be amazed. First, the luggage has a built-in battery pack, allowing you to plug in your devices (2 USB ports + iPhone outlet) and charge them while you wait for your flight.


When packing I try to stick to neutrals that can easily be mixed together to create multiple looks with less items. A few fun knitted textured sweaters, a couple pairs of jeans. I love crewneck sweatshirts – they’re adorable, soft, comfy, and they look chic with minimal effort. Roll the cuffs for a more tailored look, or with a white button up for a preppy feel. I always pack a pair of sneakers and a pair of booties – I won’t go anywhere without them. Classic colors like black are always a safe bet: they show less dirt while traveling, they go with everything, and I’m simply partial to black. Currently in love with everything platform, and these Marc Fischer platform sneakers are no excetion. Super 90’s throwback, super fun.

As far as beauty goes, I keep it simple: mascara, eyeliner, hair stuff. My T3 curling wand has three different barrel sizes – and I’ll generally bring them all along. I always bring my Laura Mercier tanner for an instant glow, and my hair extensions (thank you Luxy) for shoots. Hair extensions make a HUGE difference in photos, and they pack down really small; they fit perfectly in the zippered pouches.
What are your must-haves when you’re packing? Do you guys pack light or heavy? Any trips coming up? Let us know in the comments below!

Away Luggage:
TSA-approved lock

  • Premium Hinomoto wheels rotate 360° for a perfect roll every time.
  • Nylon laundry bag separates clean clothes from dirty
  • Away bags nest neatly inside each other, ready to be tucked away (and save closet space).
  • Scratch resistant (The matte textured surface deflects scuffs and scrapes along the way)
  • Carry-On’s built-in battery can charge any USB device

  • Heys Bianco:
    • Features a white marble inspired print
    • 360° spinner wheels allow for effortless motion in different terrains
    • Made from polycarbonate composite; a lightweight, durable and impact-resistant material used in the making of bulletproof glass
    • Zipper-released expansion system allows for an extra 20% in packing capacity
    • Fully lined interior with a stylish patterned fabric, with multiple zippered pockets
    • Protected by a layer of clear coat, giving the surface a beautiful glossy shine


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