On Coffee Nine #1: Tips to Working Successfully with a Blog Partner

Hello beautiful!

I will be starting a new segment here on the blog - On Coffee Nine- where I will be talking about a different blogging topic each week. For this  first talk, I thought it was only appropriate to start off by discussing everything that goes into working with a partner given that I share this platform with my best friend Maya! Believe it or not, we both have full-time jobs outside of blogging but since there are two of us, we are able to produce enough content to give an impression that blogging ( and drinking Lindt chocolate) is all we do. Are we capable of blogging full time financially speaking is one of our most asked questions and without getting too much into our financial details, we would be able to blog full- time even though we split ALL blog income 50-50. However, we  we choose not to do so because frankly the constant change to our biggest social platform, Instagram, makes us want to keep our safety blankets aka careers.

I blogged solo for over 2 years and I loved it but I must say that having Maya along for the journey since September 2016 has made the experience much more fun! With all that being said, blogging with a partner comes with a lot of responsibility so there are several things to consider before jumping on this train!

1. Avoid any future problems with a written contract

First things first, get a legal ‘pre-nup’ with details on the setup of the business, resolution process, dividing assets (money, samples, etc), job descriptions and, god forbid, the exit strategy. The last thing you want is for a business endeavour to break up your friendship so take your time crafting up a legal contract for ALL things blog related. This includes opening a new bank account/ paypal, creating an email and sharing passwords to everything even recovery emails! Each person should have their own legal representation and both sign a non-disclosure agreement. This may sound a little "too much" for working with someone you trust but it is only put in place to make your work relationship and friendship last a very long time!

2. Make sure you’re both willing to put equal energy into your project.
Remember group projects in high school? There is nothing more frustrating than doing 90% of the work on a project and only getting credit for half. It’s really burdensome to take on both your tasks and someone else’s responsibilities as well. You and your partner should agree on specific tasks and time commitments. Maya and I have a “OCN Roles” doc where we list all of our responsibilities, from who manages social media to who updates and maintains our site design.

3. Collaborating is best when your skills balance out.

I love working with Maya on OCN because we offer different perspectives and have very different skills. I’m more focused on interior design and flatlay creation and she has a very good fashion photographer. Producing a wider range of photos means we’re able to reach a larger audience. We also differ in our maintenance skills: I happen to live for social media, so I'm our resident Twitter and Instagram ace. Maya is a pro at dealing with clients, so she handles our advertising and emails. Not only are we able to work on our particular interests and strong suits, but when one of us is sick or in need of a vacay, there is someone there to pick up the slack!

4. Be prepared to communicate with your partner all the time.
We have like a hundred documents and spreadsheets for OCN right now (just kidding, probably around 10, but still). Our email threads always get pretty out of control because we are constantly communicating blog post ideas, marketing strategies, and responses to emails we receive. If you’re thinking about collaborating on a long-term project, be prepared to communicate about everything. Falling off the face of the earth is not an option. :)

5. Put your friendship first, always
When we first started blogging, we would often get caught in the blog and forget to also make time for our friendship. We learned that we need to keep friendship first ( as that is really the most important thing and the fundamental part to the success of our business) and then address the blog. How you make business decisions, face challenges and solve problems is just as important as who posts when and about what. Trust is the most important thing in a business partnership followed by fairness! Sometimes companies would only have a budget to send items to one of us but we try to keep it fair by dividing up projects equally. There will be some disagreements just like in any relationship but try to separate those feelings from your personal feelings about each other. We live hundreds of miles apart so virtual hugs help a lot! And cookies. Cookies will solve a lot of problems even though Maya would disagree and say pickles ( she is OBSESSED with pickles). We will just have to agree to disagree..I guess. Are you team cookie or pickle?!

What do you guys think of this new segment? Let us know in the comments below!




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