Mom Jean Days ft. Nakd Fashion

Hi babes!

If you have been following our last IG posts, you may have noticed that I am SO into mom jeans at the moment! I meaaaan..I am a Mama, after all! The whole vintage fit denim trend has been gaining popularity over the past couple of years -  so many fashion bloggers, celebrities and members of the public opting for vintage Levi’s 501’s and going for a 90’s a look, but the trend has come into its own right now and is taking off like crazy. I  just bought two pairs from in two different washes and plan on wearing them with leather jackets and heels, or baggy sweaters tucked in only at the front.  i've seen a lot of ladies style them with lower heeled ankle boots but heels can work just as good. Be sure to stay away from any footwear that’s too chunky (if the jeans are full length) as it can make the silhouette look sloppy and overwhelming. If you decide to have them cropped or cuffed, you can be a little more lenient with your shoe choices. The best thing about wearing Mom Jeans though is how you plan on bringing them into the current times and trends, making them feel relevant and not dated. So with these tips in mind, you can be sure to look fashionable when you wear Mom Jeans and not silly.You can check out how I styled these light wash jeans here: